Foundations of Coding for Educators

The “Foundations of Coding for Educators” course provides teachers with the essentials of coding and effective methods for integrating it into their teaching. This course offers practical skills, foundational programming concepts, and collaborative projects to help educators confidently teach coding in diverse educational settings.



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Course Modules

Introduction to Coding Concepts

Introduction to Coding Concepts is a foundational course designed to familiarize educators with the basic principles of computer programming. This module introduces key coding concepts, such as variables, loops, and functions, through engaging, hands-on activities. Educators will learn practical approaches to teaching these concepts, enabling them to effectively integrate coding into their curricula and inspire students with the fundamentals of computational thinking.

Core Programming Principles

Core Programming Principles is a critical course module that delves deep into the essential elements of programming that every educator needs to master. This course covers fundamental topics such as data types, control structures, algorithm design, and error handling. Educators will gain a thorough understanding of these core principles through practical examples and exercises, preparing them to teach programming concepts with confidence and clarity. This module is ideal for educators aiming to build a solid foundation in programming for themselves and their students.

Applied Coding Skills + AI Principles

Applied Coding Skills + AI Principles is an advanced course module designed for educators who wish to deepen their understanding of programming and explore the intersection of coding with artificial intelligence. This course provides practical coding exercises tailored to real-world applications and introduces foundational AI concepts such as machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and AI ethics. Educators will learn how to apply these skills in their teaching to prepare students for the technological challenges and opportunities of the future.

Using Coding in the Classroom

Using Coding in the Classroom is a practical course module designed to equip educators with strategies and tools for integrating coding into various subject areas. This course explores different methods to incorporate programming projects that complement and enhance existing curricula, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students. Educators will learn how to create engaging, code-based activities that are accessible and relevant to students of all ages, fostering a dynamic and innovative learning environment.


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